Helen Janette (Keddy) Furber

Helen was born July sixteen, 1922 , the second lady of Roy and will (Skundberg) Keddy. She arrived inside themusic space of the Skundberg house south of Beardsley, Minnesota. She was greeted by older sister Louise and, at intervals a decade, a pair of further siblings, Bernice and brother John, rounded out the family.

The Keddys emotional to city as a results of your time amount at the side of her parents’ pursuit of labor. mommagraduated from Marshall lyceum in 1940 and, later that year, she completed cosmetology college.

The Keddy family ran a boarding house inside the dual Cities back inside the late ’30s and a young boarder by the name of Bill Furber caught my mother’s eye. mama and pop were married sixty seven years once Bill died in 2007.

Moving from MN in 1949, mama and pop raised their family in South town, moving to Calistoga, CA in their retirement.

Helen and Bill were constantly gift as volunteers with youth groups and activities, in conjunction with girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Jobs Daughters, DeMolay, Methodist Youth Fellowship and lyceum sports and music programs. mommaand pop were put together amount of your time members of japanese Star.

Mom’s career with United Airlines allowed her and pop a time period of journey. The worldly travelers visited all the continents with the exception of Antarctica.

Bill and Helen of Troy Furber had four children: Diane, Janice, Richard and Kathleen. Diane gave up the ghost in 2005; Janice lives in Calistoga; created and domestic partner Holly reside in Red Lodge; and youngest lady Kathy and husband vale Jacobsen sleep in Eagle Mountain, UT. All destroyed, Helen of Troy has sixteen grandkids, forty great-grandkids and three great-great-grandkids.

Mom designated to not have a social occasion service but will have a family memorial in MN, wherevereach her and Dad’s ashes square measure about to be organized to rest.

Our family would like to convey St. John’s Lutheran Ministries and Hansen house workers for a secure, cozy and pleasant setting for her short confine Billings. The caressing care provided by Compassus Hospice was deeply appreciated at the facet of the thoughtful attention provided by Dr. Coon.

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