Billings VA has no date for a return of dental services

The Veterans Affairs dental clinic in Billings has been shut since Jan. 20, and officers there don't apprehendhoweveronce it's going to open up. 

Since Gregorian calendar month, patients in wish of general attention ar aforesaid VA clinics in Fort Harrison; Sheridan, Wyoming; and metropolis, Washington.

Patients in wish of further serious attention, like root canals, infections or abscesses, "that care is being purchased for eligible veterans inside the community through non-VA care," said transducer Garcia, public affairs officer for the MT VA Health Care System.

Officials have declined to treat the reason for the dental clinic's closure. 

"In accordance with VA policy, we tend to tend to do not discuss any personnel action related to one in each of our workers," Garcia said in associate email. 

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The VA employs a dental practitioner administrative body works inside the clinic and he hasn't seen patients since Jan. 20. Garcia said he failed to perceive once patient care at the dental clinic would begin over again

"There isn't any specific date assail once dental services will resume at the Billings VA clinic," he said by email. But, he added, "Montana VA’s senior leaders unit of measurement operative diligently to create certain they're doing thusas shortly as possible."

A few native dentists have said they've detected grumblings relating to veterans being asked to travel out of cityfor routine attention. 

Garcia said the VA has worked to attenuate those travel distances as best it'll. Patients on the western aspectof the state unit of measurement being aforesaid metropolis, Washington. Those living in central MT unit of measurementdirected to Fort Harrison. Veterans living on the japanese side of the state unit of measurement aforesaid Sheridan, Wyoming.

"I can assure you that eligible Veterans requiring dental services inside the Billings area will still receive that care through another VA facility or through a community provider," he said.

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