Billings council tours potential new police proof facility

The previous system term "kairos" describes a "propitious moment for decision or action." That sums up what Marty Connell says he's giving city leaders.

On Wed, Connell showed city staff and a trio of Billings council members around a forty one,000-square-foot section of Kairos Center at 1375 MT Ave. exploitation a vicinity of the building are often a additional cost-effectiveand so muchlarger completely different to constructing a replacement police proof facility.

Once the Pierce works and residential to type of completely different businesses since it completely was created in 1906, the portion of the building that Connell is giving — with its thick concrete floors and walls and secure space below to park police cruisers and vehicles that ar involved in lawsuits — would be over $1 million however new construction.

The portion being offered would price city $1.4 million as is or $2.4 million with the enhancements necessary to affectthe over sixty 5,000 things presently keep at this over-stuffed proof facility at 4848 Midland Road, across the road from the Billings Operations Center.

The lease price, Connell same, is $10,000 per month as is or $16,600 per month with enhancements.

The projected new proof building, designed by Schutz Foss Architects for construction adjacent to this one, would priceconcerning $3.5 million. in conjunction with the repurposed current building, the sq. footage accessiblethrough that selection would be concerning twenty 2,000.

Whichever facility is chosen, city would got to be compelled to pay an additional $500,000 on new furnishings and instrumentation.

The City Council is regular to want up every decisions throughout its New Style calendar month seventeen work session. throughout associate earlier session, council members by agreement turned down completely differentexisting buildings for conversion into associate proof facility for reasons that embedded location, size and security problems.

An elevator has been place in among the Kairos Center, but several floor and step work remains, conjointly as a result of theinstallation of a replacement heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system.

Connell same he needed to point the building to staff and council members and answer their queries before extragetting ready the building to be used as a getable proof facility.

Kairos Center, 240,000 sq. feet altogether and a vicinity of the East Billings rehabilitation District, includes a secure gated automotive parking lot associated AN overhead door with access to a secure drop-off park to a lower place the primaryfloor.

City Administrator Tina Volek same she and Connell will work to line up a second probability for council members unable to attend Wednesday’s tour, together with three of 11 council members — mike Yakawich, goose Cromley and Dick Clark.

Following the tour, police chief affluent St. John same that whereas he counseled Connell for his vision, problems he has already communicated to the council remain: It’s off from the BOC field, there’s “an awful heap of labor to be done” to rearrange the Kairos Center for city use and safeguards ought to be ensured for “the correctmanagement of proof.”

St. John same he’d like city own the proof building, as a result of it presently canrather than lease associate proofrepository.

“There’s very little question it'll be created into a usable space,” St. John said, “but it’s going to take a chunk of bucks.”

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